This is the home that awaits our refugee family

St. James, 1st Church, Knox Wallaceburg have applied to sponsor a refugee family.

In the meantime, a house has been provided and prepared for their arrival!

Here are some pictures of the house, and of the home that it now is!

Thanks to all the volunteers that have worked so hard and everyone who has donated time, treasures and financial support to get things this far!

Contact Sandee or Bruce Davidson at 519 354 6858 or

A few of the homemakers!


The steering committee for the refugee sponsorship is pleased to officially announce that we have been matched with a family. They are currently living in a refugee camp in Lebanon but they originally come from Syria. Our family is comprised of a father, mother and 3 young boys ages 8, 6, and 3. We have done an inventory on what we have so far and thanks to the generosity of our members we need little to Prepare. We could use to following items to finalize the list of requirements for their arrival which could be as early as June.


St. James Presbyterian Church
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