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Under the guidance of the Reverend John A. Giurin, St. James Presbyterian Church is a caring congregation dedicated to glorifying and enjoying God, and God’s many blessings. We worship in what we call a "Message Driven" format.

Message Driven worship allows the Bible and the message derived from it to shape our worship. With the Biblical message driving worship, we offer a more engaging and authentic way of presenting God's word and promises great flexibility in teaching and sharing God's Word in a way that speaks to every generation. St. James also has a strong contemporary focus to worship. Our Music Director, Dr. Lusine Petrosyan, chooses the best of modern worship songs as well a few more traditional hymns in order to help support Pastor John’s Message and to engage body, mind and soul in worship.

In the way we worship at St. James and in every aspect of the church we are dedicated to making everyone feel welcomed, loved and appreciated. There is no discrimination of any kind.

Finally, we wish to be a positive force within our community, serving the needs of our neighbours in whatever way we can by sharing our gifts as freely as God gave them to us.

St. James Presbyterian Church
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St. James Presbyterian Church

310 McNaughton Avenue West Chatham Ontario N7L 1R9

Email: office@stjameschatham.com

Phone: 519-352-1240