St. James Presbyterian Church
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To enhance the worship and praise of God in the life of the church through leadership in music.


  1. has a growing, practical faith

  2. can sight-read and improvise

  3. comfortable arranging or adapting songs/music to suit shape and mood of worship

  4. works with a broad repertoire including both contemporary praise songs and traditional hymns

  5. can partner with the minister in preparing worship services

  6. can train and work with volunteers that have various musical backgrounds

  7. is an organized self-starter able to make long range plans

  8. is visionary and creative in their approach to praising and glorifying God


  1. Leading the worship music for all services

  2.  Directing Praise Team rehearsals

  3. Working with the Minister to select, arrange and acquire worship music

St. James Presbyterian Church

310 McNaughton Avenue West Chatham Ontario N7L 1R9


Phone: 519-352-1240