WHO’S WHO: Teams and Committees

Board of Managers

Ed VanDeWynckel

The Board of Managers manages St. James building, property and finances. Working closely with the Session, they ensure that we are good stewards of the physical and financial blessings granted to our congregation.

Worship Committee

Audrey Varney

This committee plans, organizes and supports weekly worship, pulpit supply, baptism and communion, and special services. It sets the tone and style of worship and seeks creative ways to praise and glorify God.

Sunday School

Bryan Halls

The Christian Education team provides Biblical and church knowledge for kids of all ages. While primarily concerned with the Sunday School, all teaching programs under the Christian Education committee care.

Mission and Outreach Committee

Carol Cernanec

Mission and Outreach serves locally and globally by supporting Christian mission and ministry through education, planning mission projects, fundraising and raising awareness of social justice issues.


Paul Escott

The session lead, organizes and sets vision and policies for St. James. It works closely with the Pastor to keep St. James active, alive and enthusiastic through reports from committees and feedback from congregation


Ron Robertson

The Board of Trustees consists of five members of the church appointed by the congregation to hold lands and properties of the congregation in trust for public worship, meetings, residence for the minister, etc.

Congregational Life

Lois Rooney-Giurin

This team helps the people of St. James to get to know one another. It also helps integrate new members and keeps the congregation informed about what’s happening at St. James through newsletters and other media.

Prayer Team

Pastor John

Sandee and her team of dedicated helpers are ready to pray for you or a loved one. No information goes beyond the ears and hearts of the team; for the ultimate privacy, requests can be made anonymously.

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